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Harry Potter Birthday Party | Raleigh Lifestyle Photographer

I was so excited to be back with the Myers Family this year as they celebrated the twins turning the big 1-0!  They requested Harry Potter, tacos and to be surprised.   In response, their mom, Sunny, pulled a Mrs. Weasley and went above and beyond to deliver an epic celebration.  Guests were transported to a new world as soon as they walked in.  Truly, the only thing more amazing than how everything looked was that Sunny is a Harry Potter neophyte.  Having only seen the first movie and visited Harry Potter World, she recreated Hogwarts in astonishing detail.  From the entrance through Platform 9 3/4, floating candles in the great hall, to chocolate frogs and butter beer in Hogsmeade Village.  Tacos Costa Grande was right outside the venue serving up incredible food faster than you could say, “Accio Taco!”.  Of course, it’s not Hogwarts without a little magic and the night closed out with a super fun magic show performed by Magic By David.  The audience was spellbound, but by their reaction when he apparated a snake, I don’t think anyone in that room spoke parsel tongue.  I had so much fun capturing this event, what a fantastic theme!  It gave me a great excuse to play around and add a little “magic” of my own to a few of the images.  Sunny and Isaac, it was a joy to be back with your wonderful family again this year.  Thank you so much for letting me preserve these memories for you.  A very happy birthday to Nakato & Wasswa!

Venue: The Cottage at Anderson Point Park

Catering: Tacos Costa Grande

Entertainment: Magic By David



Personal: Isla Rose

What a difference a year makes!  It has really gone by so fast and even though she’s a poor second child, I wanted to give little Isla a moment in the sun on her first birthday.  These photos are a small sample of the many, many, many images captured over the past year.  These are the ones that caught my eye as I quickly went through them during the rare time I have to myself, drinking coffee and binge watching Bosch while she naps and her older sister plays in her room. I could share photos for weeks and still not get to all of my favorites.  These aren’t all “technically perfect”, some of them I snapped on my iPhone, but they are all representative of an amazing year.  Moments we took to be in a photo with just her.  Photos with her siblings who love her dearly, even as she steals toys and pulls on tails.  They show what a happy, silly, amazing little girl she has turned into over the past 12 months of milestones, trips, family and love.  She is just what we needed and wanted to complete our little family and I’m so glad she’s on this adventure with us.







The Johnson Family {Maternity Session}

I had a great time photographing Liz and Chris whose first child is due on March 17th, an auspicious date indeed with a long history of being associated with luck, magic and green beer.  Pretty much the three things required to survive parenthood! (Beer color optional)  I am  little nervous writing this blog post because Liz is a 10th grade english teacher.  Hopefully she’ll forgive me when I undoubtedly misplace commas and end a sentence with a preposition, whatever that means.  We ventured out the last weekend in January in which most other places is the dead of winter.  Luckily the dead of winter in North Carolina means mild temperatures, blue skies and beautiful light and we had a great afternoon.  Liz and Chris were game for whatever I suggested, even when it didn’t work and there was much hilarity.  Whether this little one arrives on St. Patrick’s Day or not it will be a very lucky baby to be born into a family so full of love, humor and the perfect amount of sarcasm.  I truly love these moments before these two become a family of four (doggy not pictured).  Congratulations and Good Luck!










Portraits: The Varnell Family

I first met Kara when I stopped by a yard sale in my new neighborhood and gave her my number in an attempt to pick up a new mom friend.  Two years later and we have both gone from one kid to two and I was thrilled she asked me to photograph little Eliza and their newly expanded family just in time for the holidays.  Older brother Luke was very sweet with his sister and the promise of a candy cane brought out some serious male modeling skills.  This was a great session and as a bonus it came with  a hot cup of coffee for me.  As the mother of two kids including a baby myself, I’ll take all the caffeine I can scrounge!  Wishing this family a very merry first Christmas as a family of four 🙂


Portraits: Berry Family

When Leah contacted me to photograph her family I was thrilled.  When I found out her family included a 4 month old and nearly 5 year old, I knew it was meant to be.  With a 6 month old and nearly 5 year old myself I knew I was uniquely qualified to capture their growing family.  Unpredictable babies and ornery preschoolers are my specialty, I practice working with them every day!  We held the session on a beautiful fall day at JC Raulston Arboretum along with everyone else who had the same brilliant idea.  There were at least five weddings going on and no less than two million other photographers, but we staked out a secret little spot and got some gorgeous family moments.  I had a lot of fun with the kids, and those incredible blue eyes!  Could have photographed them all day.  Baby Russell was adorable and content to be posed this way and that once he realized we weren’t going to force him into tummy time the whole session.  Adorable Amelia was the quintessential five year old, posing on her own terms, eager to show off and extremely helpful.  If I ever need an assistant I know who my first call will be, I’m pretty sure I could pay her in lollipops!  This was a great session for me as I learned some new photoshop skills.  I combined two different images to get the one below of both kids looking straight up, and you’d never guess.  I really enjoyed working with the Berry Family, they were fantastically easy to work with and clearly in love with their little family and it definitely shines through in these images.




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