Personal: interview With a Three Year Old

Evie has been three for a week now!  She’s 28 pounds, 35.5 inches and in the 100th percentile for sass.  I took some portraits of her to celebrate her birthday of course,  so I thought I’d share a few of my favorites along with an in-depth profile of who Evie really is – not just the persona she shows to her adoring public.


Most Asked Question: What are you doing? (said in accusatory tone)

Most Used Phrase: Come dance with me!

Newest Phrase: What, mom?

Best Phrase: Run!  A dino is coming!

Worst Phrase: I can’t do it.

Favorite Word: Now

Hates: Having her hair washed

Loves: To eat

Favorite Song to Sing: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Favorite Song for Mommy to Sing: Reading Rainbow Theme Song or Boat Ride Song (Now I See the Light)

Favorite Toy: Baby (her doll)

Favorite TV Shows: Yo Gabba Gabba, Dora, Super Why

Favorite Movies: Coraline, Tangled

Favorite Books: Dragons Love Tacos, Llama Llama, McDuff, Baby Moustache

Favorite Foods: Hot Dogs, Tacos,  Strawberries, Whatever mom and dad are trying to eat

Favorite Color: Purple

Best Friend: PPaw

Imaginary Friend: Anna (she fits cupped in Evie’s hand)

Newest Interest: Jigsaw puzzles

Ongoing Interest: Being silly

Biggest Accomplishment: Potty Training! (mostly)





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