Personal: Happy 3rd Birthday Evie!

I can’t believe my little baby girl is 3!  She’s not really a baby anymore, she’s a person in her own right with her own personality, sense of humor and understanding of the world.  I am so thankful that I have the chance to stay home with her right now because I know we are sharing moments that we wouldn’t otherwise and I love that we are developing our own routine and inside jokes.  She is hilariously manipulative and knows exactly what she’s doing when she stalls at bedtime and she doesn’t care that you know it.  She has claimed Oz as her dog and delights in tickling him, doling out treats, and ordering him around (“No! I swear, Oz!”).  She is as smart as she is beautiful and while she definitely has her moments I’m often complimented on how well-behaved she is.

I recently went on a short cruise with her and she really is in her element when traveling and it was the best way to really see her amazing traits on display:

– Generosity: She loved the chocolate covered strawberries but made sure everyone else got one too

– Appreciation: The cabin was smaller than she’s used too, but her only reaction was a whispered, “Woooooow!”

– Adventurous Eater: She trued everything from scallops in garlic butter to lamb to pistachio ice cream.  She even tried a turnip

– Social Butterfly: She talked to everyone and anytime there was music she was the one to get things started on the dance floor

– Sense of Wonder: She notices and takes delight things I might not have notices – she is as excited to see a small fish as she is a big dolphin.  Tiny pencils, puddles, champagne corks – it’s all incredible to her

– Humor:  She finds so many things hilarious, and loves to laugh just as much as she likes to make others laugh – by hiding behind the shower curtain for example.

She has changed so much over the last year and experienced so much – a cross-country move, a month away from her parents, countless trips by plane, boat and automobile.  She’s seen so many family members and friends – some familiar, some not.  Museums, parties, classes, playground treks, worm digging.  She’s learned to really talk and to really run and to really express opinions.  She’s handled it all so well and sometimes not well.  She sometimes cries if you cut her sandwich the wrong way or can’t produce the right snack out of thin air or can’t decipher what she’s saying.  She hates having her hair washed and being told no.  She demands and whines.  But she tells you she loves you and wants to dance with you and have you “sit with me a minute”.  We are so in love with her and so lucky to have her in our lives.  Happy Happy Happy Birthday my little Evie!








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