Portraits: Spanish Moss Princess

Evie’s 3rd birthday is on Friday and I’ve been trying to put this blog post together for three weeks – finally I was able to carve enough time to get it completed (Thanks Tangled!).  So here we go, while in Florida recently for a cruise we stayed with my Great Aunt and while taking a walk I found a little spot just begging for a photo shoot. Trees dripping with spanish moss, a swamp bordered by a rustic barbed wire fence, and perfectly filtered light.  I knew a beautiful almost three-year old in a gorgeous Marchesa dress scored at Target a couple of years ago would be just the thing to complete the picture, as it were.  The setting was indeed perfect but trying to direct a toddler, especially your own, for the camera is pretty much an exercise in futility.  They pretty much do what they want when they want .  I would get her set in the perfect spot and before I could even focus the camera she was running to the next thing that captured her attention.  Or she’d stay in one spot but refuse to look up when I called her name.  So while I did not get the images I envisioned, by just following Evie around and letting her explore and do her own thing I still got some beautiful images that I am very excited about.  My goal was to capture an Alice in Wonderland/Pan’s Labyrinth sort of setting and letting Evie explore probably fit that best.  I think the lesson I learned is that I can’t control everything (as much as I’d like to) and I should just enjoy and appreciate the moments I am getting.  That will make it much more fun for everyone!

These first few photos are my attempt to direct Evie’s expressions – first I asked her to open her eyes wide.  Then I asked her to open her eyes wide but close her mouth.  Then I gave up!


And then I just started following her around and capturing what I could.


February 11, 2015 - 1:13 pm

Papa Tee - Your photography is so amazing, and so is our little princess Evie!

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