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Evie turned 16 months old on the 13th and since Father’s Day was the following Sunday I decided to do something special and planned a father/daughter photo shoot.  Last year Father’s Day got swallowed up by Evie’s christening, but this year it was all about Thomas and Evie.

We had decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and try Edgewater’s Waterfront Café down the street.  To get there we meandered down Loyola’s lakefront path and did our photo shoot along the way.  By the time we got to our destination, we were pretty exhausted and I was not convinced  I had gotten any decent shots.  Evie and Thomas took turns having half closed eyes and Evie decided sidewalk cracks were the most magical things ever and it was necessary to take every opportunity to crawl off and examine them,  that’s when she wasn’t pointing insistently at the diaper bag where the box of animal crackers was hidden.  It turns out that between animal crackers, random photo bombing dogs, and matching dinosaur socks I captured some beautiful images that I’m so proud of.

We got off to kind of a rough start….


Everyone cheered up considerably though.



I know animal crackers have no nutritional value, are full of sugar and probably GMO’s, but they are iconic and I finally found an old school box of them so we incorporated them into the shoot.  Evie loved them and was happy to share.



We don’t get too extravagant for gifts, preferring an experience or a good meal out.  I did want to start a fun tradition, so I (Evie) got a pair of silly socks for Thomas (dad).  So every year we’ll pick out a new pair and do a matching silly socks photo.  I love it!




I got some great “in-between” shots of Evie trying to get T’s glasses.  He was looking over my shoulder later as I edited and said he didn’t even know I’d been taking those photos.  Exactly!  Because that’s what I do, I try to get the natural moments as well as the posed.





Thomas is an amazing hands on dad (despite managing to never apply diaper rash cream).  Anyone can be a father; it really does take someone special to be a dad.  Or “Da!!!” as Evie says.  And Evie is an amazingly charming, intelligent, strong-willed, curious little girl who has managed to scam us into carrying/pushing her around for 16 months straight (You gotta walk sometime kid!).   I’m thrilled to have these images of them together, they are certainly going to look good on Thomas’s desk at work!



July 4, 2013 - 10:53 pm

Barbara Crockett - beautiful work but also had wonderful models!

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