Personal: 15 Months

I have been incredibly lax in posting, it seems the days fly by without me even realizing they’ve passed.  Work, toddler, husband, dog and all the activities that go with it.  I’ve been training for races, making plans with friends, cleaning the house, experiencing mom guilt.  It’s just impossible to keep up with all the things going on.  Plus by the end of the day I’m usually too exhausted to do anything but lay on the couch and watch Arrested Development (true story!).  I started this post over two weeks ago when my now 15 1/2 month old was 15 months.

It’s funny to see that her likes last year at this time (splashing in the tub, holding things) have stayed the same, but at a higher level.  Now it’s splashing and playing with toys and trying to stand up in the tub.  She still loves to hold things, but now she’s perfected the art of holding two or three small items in each hand.  Her dislikes haven’t changed much either (sun in the eyes, being stepped on by Oz), especially in terms of Oz as evidenced below.

She is quick to smile and just as quick to collapse in fury.  She loves playing with toys she can use, puzzles, telephones, blocks and her new favorite discovery is that if she bends over onto her hands she can look through her legs.  She finds it hysterical.  She has her own language.  Loves graham crackers so much she sings and dances while eating them.  I caught the images below the day she turned fifteen months and I kind of love that she is wearing this beautiful Jason Wu dress and is soooooo overdramatically annoyed by the whole thing.  I wanted to keep calling her a baby until she was walking, but while she will always be MY baby.  She is a toddler now, her own little person who understands and makes decisions.  And sometimes when I ask  she leans in with a smile and gives me a kiss….right before she sweeps the rest of her dinner off her high chair tray. Well played child, well-played.






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