Fine Art: Film

I grew up watching my mom photograph our travels with her Pentax SLR, a graduation gift from her parents.  I had always been intrigued by it, but photography was mom’s thing and my experiments with clunky plastic 35mm cameras never really panned out.  The concept was there, but I never quite execute my vision.  I still always owned a point and shoot camera, gradually transitioning from film to digital and getting more and more ambitious until my first DSLR purchase in 2010.  Between the creative freedom better lenses afforded me and my classes at the Chicago Photography Academy, something clicked and my brain, eye and shutter finger were finally in alignment.

When I spotted a Honeywell Pentax on one of many garage sale excursions I snapped it up, loaded it up and waited.  I was scared.  Scared it wouldn’t work, that digital had made me lazy and I wouldn’t be able to handle a “real” camera.  That I wasn’t a “real” photograopher.  I finally shot my first role of film two months later at my uncle’s farm for our annual labor day trip in September…….of 2011!  At which point I got scared again and didn’t have it developed until last month.  I have to say, I am very pleased with the results.  I sent my film off to The Darkroom in LA and they did a wonderful job with quick turnaround.  I’m in love with the look of the film and can see where I need to improve.  Instead of being discouraged by where I went wrong, I’m excited to try again.   There’s also something to be said for the anticipation of wondering, “Did I get the shot?  Did it work?”.  I have the whole summer ahead of me to experiment and I’m no longer afraid.  Well, maybe a little.





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