Personal: 14 Months


The exciting thing about Evie getting older is that everything we did at this time last year was interesting to her, but she mainly took everything in a passive way. Now she can participate in the activities, point out things she likes; try the food we’re eating. Last year at two months I had this to say about her:

Likes: the green pacifier, licking people, swinging, bath time, Oz
Dislikes: belly raspberries, being disturbed, sudden loud noises, changing clothes
Achievements Unlocked: smiling, holding head up, baby talk, scooting (not far!)

Today she is super mobile, still not walking, but she crawls like she’s racing somewhere and climbs anything and anyone who gets in her way. She’s off the pacifier and loves belly raspberries. She loves eating, but prefers it be what someone else is already eating. If you take too long to prepare her food then she will holler at you. She loves lining up boxes and filling them with blocks and she thinks that tearing up tissues and handing you pieces is the funniest thing ever. She’s practicing for year two by going from gleeful to growly in .02 seconds. But I’ll take the terrible with the terrific any day for this little girl!


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