Science Rockstar

We had a membership to the Museum of Science and Industry that we let lapse knowing we would not make it with a newborn.  Now we have an older baby who loves new experiences and a car so it’s much easier to make the trip.  With family coming into town it seemed like the perfect time to renew our membership.  We can go when we have time and not feel like we have to see everything in one trip.  MSI is seriously my favorite museum in the city and we take everyone there.  I cannot stress the amazingness of having a car to get there.  Before it would take over an hour and we’d be exhausted by the time we got there, now we can save the hassle and use up all our energy at the museum itself.  We all had a great time.  It was beautiful all decorated for Christmas and there was a pretty cool Peanuts exhibit that Evie enjoyed.  That is until she got tackled by over jealous toddler wanting to give her a hug!




Evie was enthralled with everything as were we all.  My 19 year sister in law and I participated in a demonstration about how sound used to be added to the silent movies and were deemed Science Rockstars, we even have the stickers to prove it! 🙂  We hit all the major must sees.  The Fairy Castle was a hit and if Evie loved it at 10 months I can’t wait for her to see it when she’s a bit older!  I think my favorite part of the whole day was Evie’s face when she saw the baby chicks.  They are amazing.  They were kind of gangster that day, staring us down.


I think Evie loved everything except this reindeer we met!


One of the perks of membership is the member lounge.  The perfect spot to take a break and have a cup of coffee…or a bottle.


It was a loooong day but Evie was a champ, though she finlly gave in to her exhaustion at the end.


The rest of us ended the day with a trip to Target (all the Neiman Marcus stuff was half off, what the hell!  So I rebought and returned to get the savings!)  and chinese food.  And we all got a good nights sleep so we could get some portraits with Grandma before they headed out.


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