Pumpkin Spice

I love Fall!  I love wearing boots and sweaters, watching the leaves change color, the crisp smoky smell of the air, and pumpkin everything.  Lattes, beer,  donuts, pie, I love it all.  This Autumn is passing very quickly for me and it makes me sad.  There is just not enough time to do everything I want to, especially with jetting off every other weekend.  I had elaborate costumes planned for E and Oz which will have to wait till next year.  I did come up with a brilliant idea for Evie that beats the store-bought pumpkin sleeper.  She’s going to be a rainbow!  It’s definitely a more conceptual costume, but I’m very excited about it.




The one thing I was adamant about was that we get a pumpkin as a family and carve it.  With no time to trek outside the city to a bona fide pumpkin patch, we settled for the urban lot down the street from our apartment.  And given the amount of effort it took to get everyone three blocks over on that blustery afternoon, that may have been the wise decision.


It may not be an expansive lot, but it does still have its charm and we enjoyed ourselves.  Evie was very interested in the mini gourd and pumpkins until she wasn’t and let them fall to the ground.  They were ok though, stemless afterwards, but fine and enjoying their new home.


Mini rant about people who annoy me.  An older women commented on Evie calling her an adorable little boy.  That’s fine, it happens a lot.  What annoyed me was when I corrected her she said, “Oh, well you have dressed as a boy!”  I had her dressed for fall in a brown sweater, jeans and pumpkin hat.  I love neutrals and love mixing them with brighter pieces (you know like people do).  It just bothers me that if she’s not wearing pink, purple or hearts that it’s a boy outfit.  Anyhoo….



We got a few photos including one of the whole family which I love.  We took it by setting the camera on the stroller seat.  Here is the first attempt.

And the final photo. We are largely out of focus and its fine, it’s perfect really.

Our pumpkin is still uncarved, but it has the most fantastic twisty stem and it’s going to be wonderful whether it ever gets carved or not.

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