Arkansas Adventure: Arkansas

I really was excited about my long weekend, and looking forward to prospect of a massage in Hot Springs, but having never been to Arkansas, I really wasn’t sure what to expect.  To be honest, I expected Hicksville, USA and maybe there is some of that, but what I saw was actually, well, beautiful!  They have a really adorable downtown area with cute shops, museums and restaurants – including a Chicago style pizzeria which of course is where we had lunch!  Just kidding, we did not.  We went to Bosco’s and took advantage of the warm temperatures (gone by Saturday) to eat outside overlooking the weather.  The only thing more beautiful than the setting was my scottish ale and buffalo chicken pizza.  We all ate our pizzas while Evie tried to eat the table and charmed our table neighbors.

We took a walk after lunch along this lovely wooded path on the Base (my bro is in the Air Force) with Buddy.

I love this sign.  Oh, those men and their activities.

Our dinner that evening was at a lovely italian restaurant, everything handmade and family run.  There are no pictures, Evie and I were in rough shape having been up since 2:30am.  We were exhausted and Evie projectile vomited in her car seat on the drive there necessitating a stop at Family Dollar for a cheapie outfit (the one time I forget extras in the diaper bag!).  Also it was pouring rain.  Sidenote: my brother got paper towels to go try and clean the car up and upon coming back in saw my worried face and said, “Don’t worry, I got most of it out”  I don’t care about your car!  I’m worried about my crying, vomiting baby!  (I do feel a little bad about the car though, don’t want you all to think I’m a self absorbed, rude mother and spoiler alert – the car was fine).  We ended up packing our entrees to go because Evie was inconsolable.  Totally worth the trip though, great food and the proprietress calmed Evie for a nano second by speaking to her in Italian, which she loved.  Guess I have to learn Italian!

All the food I had all weekend was delicious.  I was very excited about trying the barbecue.  We picked some up on our way home from Hot Springs (which I will detail in a separate post).  It was AMAZING and they make their potato salad with sour cream and bacon.  It’s like a loaded baked potato.  I’m so glad I live nowhere near that place and so sad at the same time.

Arkansas is very pretty at 4:30am.

Luckily I only saw it once at that time.  Katie made Will get up and take care of Evie so I could sleep in (love!).  I also learned it’s okay to mock new things, but you should be open to them too.  I was not looking forward to watching Talladega once I learned that it was an actual race and didn’t involve baby Jesus watching his baby einstein, learnin’ his shapes and colors.  I actually got into it and said I wanted to see a huge wreck on the last lap.  Thank you baby Jesus.  Watch the video, you’ll thank me.  Evie entertained us while we watched the race by totally grossing us out.  Ewwwww, Hobbitses feet!

Among the charms of Little Rock is the Old Mill.

It’s a replica of an actual working mill, was in the opening credits of Gone With the Wind, has historical significance etc etc and is freaking beautiful!  I loved it, there are lots of photos.  I only wish I could be there at sunset with the trees in full fall colors for a photo shoot.  Can you imagine?

Also, this swan was kind of a jerk.


But a jerk.

So, Arkansas, you are pretty cool.  I could definitely visit you again.  If only for this.  Best.Name.Ever.

October 18, 2012 - 8:18 pm

peasquared - lol..that is awesome! so glad you had a great trip! love all your pictures!! and that swan!!! jerk! =) ps. evie is super adorable!!! so cute!

October 18, 2012 - 8:18 pm

peasquared - lol..that is awesome! so glad you had a great trip! love all your pictures!! and that swan!!! jerk! =) ps. evie is super adorable!!! so cute!

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