As mentioned in my previous post, my mom can sew. Even better she can quilt. She doesn’t do it often, but when she does it’s amazing. She has a real eye for “assembling”. She puts fabrics together, mixing patterns and textures and it just works. She also adds personal touches to the quilt, they are not obvious to everyone, but to the owner of the quilt are clear. Before Evie was born the thing that worried me the most was how Evie and Oz would get along. I needn’t have worried, they are bff. I thought it would be nice for them to have a tangible link though and asked my mom to make a quilt using the bandanas Oz got each time he was groomed and that I’d saved. Well, she took that idea and expanded it and here is the final product! I LOVE it and so does Evie … and Oz. It’s been a popular hangout spot in the living room.

The front of the quilt is a pinwheel design using the bandana’s mixed with other fabrics, including a scrap of velvet from my thespian renaissance dress (also made by mom) and a piece of an old mohair sweater. The back has squares with our names embroidered on them Daddy, Mommy, Evie and Oz. More of a crazy quilt design, bound in fabric from my senior prom dress, enhanced by more bandana fabric, pieces from my wedding garter, and a heart on Evie’s square made from the car seat cover I used as a baby. And of course ribbons from Royal Caribbean, a little inside joke about Evie’s early arrival the day after her grandparents set out to sea for a week!

I cannot even say how much I love this quilt and how special it is to me. Thanks mom!

I had a half day on Friday and I met mom and Evie at the Art Institute. We took Evie’s 5 Month photo using the quilt in a lovely garden next to the museum before going in. We had a great time. Evie wasn’t too amused with our photo shoot at first, but she really enjoyed the grass. Soft and tasty!

Everything is different with a baby of course, 4 hours in the museum and we saw one full exhibit, but we saw two different bathrooms and hit the member lounge twice.

Evie slept through our lunch and woke up just in time for Lichtenstein. She was as big of a hit as the artwork. People and Security Guards kept coming up to compliment her on being adorable. She was in heaven with the attention and all the bright colors of the art. She loved it, cooing and talking loudly through the whole thing, looking around. Luckily everyone around us seemed to be amused rather than annoyed at Evie’s commentary. She was articulately forceful in one room and I asked, “Do you not appreciate this stage in his artistic evolution either?” E and I had a lot to discuss and she seemed to find my views fascinating 🙂

Our last stop was the Member Lounge to feed Evie and have a much-needed coffee. A woman approached and told us she was glad we were starting her early in the art world. Five months old a she saw Edward Hopper’s “Nighthawks” but was not impressed. Chagall’s windows though? I think she could have sat there all day! Me too, Evie, me too.

I’m so glad she’s getting to see and do so much, I’m looking forward to her seeing more of this city she was born in.

July 15, 2012 - 12:52 am

placecm - Wish my first comment had gone through. See everything happens for a reason, if you were in VA none of this would be possible! Other than an if as a so and an and as an a, what a superbly written blog! Love love love the photos! Congrats on the new quilt, mom did an amazing job! Who said being a pack rat was bad, honestly you are how old amd she has fabris from your baby seat cover?!?! Haha looks amazing!

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