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I had the link to this mobile bookmarked for years before I even considered myself ready to have a baby.  I knew even then that someday I would have a baby and I wanted this mobile to be in the nursery.  Luckily my mom is awesome and knows her way around a sewing machine, and has a great artistic eye.  Even more luckily she passed that on to me.  The eye that is, not the sewing skills.  So over Thanksgiving I raided her fabric collection and painstakingly matched fabric, ironed (ugh) and cut out the pieces needed.

The mobile was not ready when Evie was born because of course the little stinker surprised everyone by coming three weeks early.  When mom came out a week after she was born she delivered the adorable little birdies just needing a perch of their own.  Well, babies are a lot of work so it still wasn’t done when mom was back out in May.  What!?  I have a BABY….and no fishing wire to string them up.  So how convenient that when we traveled their way in June along with a freshly made bed and a stack of towels there was also a spool of fishing wire.  Not so subtle hint taken.

Mom was scheduled for another visit in July and I wanted to have the mobile complete by then.  Instead of branches I opted to use embroidery hoops and thanks to Pinterest I formulated my end game and after some frustration, trial and error, a little tape and some twine it was done!  I plan to finish it off a bit more, I’d like to cover the center hoop with ribbon but over all I love the look!

Even better it was up just in time for the arrival of our AC and a temperature drop in Chicago which meant we could officially graduate Evie from the Pack N Play in our room to the crib in her nursery.  She loves it and most mornings I find her awake in her crib smile and babbling quietly to her birdies.  How precious is the E stitched on the center ?

By the way, in case you question my dedication as a photographer, the way I got the bird’s eye view from below photos was pretty impressive and involved me hauling myself into the crib and shooting up.  There is probably an easier way, but I consider that pretty bad ass.  The look on my husband’s face when he glanced up and saw me extracting myself from the crib was priceless 🙂

July 12, 2012 - 4:38 pm

peasquared - that is such a cute mobile!! and i love that you used the embroidery hoops! also, love your shots!!

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