Door County Anniversary

I’ve written two posts that WordPress has gobbled up, this is beyond annoying – my first post was detailed, my second was bullet points – now you get my top four stories from our last day in Door County one for each of the four years of wedded bliss we were celebrating  along with some photos.  Enjoy!

Story #1

We had breakfast at Al Johnson’s Swedish Restaurant (soooooooo good) and Thomas ordered the potato pancakes with “meat”.  It did say in the menu, “Add Meat $1.99” and did not list the choices as it did with every other meal.  Of course he did have a choice, but I love that he was willing to just accept whatever meat they brought him.  Men!

Story #2

We drove around seeing what we could see, stopping where we wanted to (Piggly Wiggly for local beer) and turning off road when we wanted for the promise of historic  sites.  One turn off led us to a dirt road dead ending and several rusted out cars spanning several decades indicating we were about to be murdered by backwoods hillbillies and another led to us a lovely wooded trail and scenic overlook.  We survived both thanks to watching numerous horror movies and episodes of, “I Shouldn’t Be Alive”.

Story #3

We bought our anniversary gifts for each other in Door County because we go by the traditional list and this year was fruit and flowers and Door County is famous for their cherries!  They ended being gifts we can both enjoy.  I got Thomas a jar of cherry pie filling that I turned into an overfilled, slightly burnt      crust but delicious pie.  He got me an ornament with Dorr County’s famous cherries on it.  We’ll remember this trip every year when it goes on the tree.  And someday Evie will get to hear the stories behind all of our travel ornaments.

Story #4

We went out for dinner for anniversary at the Coyote Roadhouse, we’ve taken Evie to restaurants plenty of times so the only thing we were worried about was Patrick Swayze  showing up to kick some roadhouse ass.  We shared some fried green beans and exchanged cards after Thomas filled his out (he may be last minute, but he writes the best things) and just as our food arrived, Evie woke up possessed by a banshee.  I could not calm this child down and  felt helpless.  I took her outside to walk around while T got boxes and the check.  He came out right after Evie let out an  epic burp and instantly calmed down.  Ok, so plan B it is!  A sunset drive down a rustic trail where we saw wild turkeys, deer and a schoolhouse that I’m pretty sure was called Silent Hill Elementary.  It was perfect, T finished his dinner while I drove (he hates cold food, I could care less). And topped off a perfect evening with champagne out of paper cups back at the room.

Happy Anniversary to the love of my life, my best friend, it’s not always east but it is always worth it.  Without you there would have been no Evie, no trip to Door County and therefore no stop at Culvers for the first time on the way back.  Fate,  she works in mysterious ways!

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