Mother’s Day

This is belated but I celebrated my first mother’s day this year.  There wasn’t a lot of fanfare, no necklace from the open hearts collection at Kay Jewelers.  Just a lovely relaxing Sunday.  I have a card on the mantle and a groupon to cash in for a massage.  I also got a lovely photo with my daughter.  It happens so rarely, I’m usually behind the lens and Thomas isn’t one to see a moment and grab the camera like I am.  He had to work so Evie and I decided to have a little adventure.  We walked the mile to Chipotle (well, she rode) and she was a lovely baby sleeping nearly the whole time so I could enjoy my burrito bowl, beer and book — the three B’s 🙂  I don’t know if new mothers are supposed to drink beer alone in public with their baby but Evie said it was cool and she’s the boss!

So here’s something that happened that made me knew I was going to love being a mother and that Evie and I were going to get along perfectly.  The day I went into labor was a Sunday and I woke up ferociously craving pancakes.  Sadly there was no milk to make any.  I didn’t want to walk to get any and I didn’t press the issue to hard with T or I’m sure he would have gone.  I settled for peanut butter on a tortilla (not the same!)  and resigned myself to the fact that it wouldn’t be till the next weekend that I could have pancakes.  Well long story short, I went into labor that day an hour after I got home from my baby shower and little Evie was born at 4:25am.  We got settled into our room by 6:00 am just in time to order breakfast from the room service menu provided and guess what was on there?  Pancakes!  Evie must have known I couldn’t wait a whole week and decided to come early just so mom could get her pancakes.  What a considerate baby 🙂

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