Door County Part Deux

The nice thing about babies is that they usually get you up early enough to catch the beautiful lake sunrises so common in Illinois and Wisconsin.  What was even nicer is that our particular baby decided her first vacation was the perfect time to start sleeping through the night.  And I’m not talking through the night for a baby, 6 hours in a row, I’m talking 8pm-5am!  So I got a full nights sleep and was refreshed and ready for the day, starting with a chance to get out with my camera and get photographs of the sunrise and the beach!

We were all in a great mood, ready for the day and coincidentally all wearing stripes!

We went to the Peninsula State Park thinking we hadn’t gone there last time.  Turns out we had, whoops!  But it was still beautiful and we had a great time exploring.  We weren’t out too long, the lake flies were swarming and we’d left the baby bjorn at the hotel and were not going back for it, so we managed with the stroller on a bike path.  It was beautiful, peaceful and Oz was having a blast and he’s a big part of why we were there.  He deserves some wilderness fun, he’s been great with the baby and this was his reward a little bit.  The woods were lovely….until it started to rain and we headed back to the car.

We drove around the park for a bit and enjoyed Sven’s Bluff.  Nice bluff Sven!  We could see a little island with a house on it from the bluff.  It just needs a Target next door and it would be perfect.

We also explored this little lighthouse for a few minutes until the flies drove us away, they were gross, and plentiful.

I took this photo because I thought it looked like a sleeping furry green creature.

We stopped for a snack at this little place because it was open and had gnomes all over it, how could we resist?  We split the Hungry Gnome, but I love that their tuna sandwich is called The Kraken, very clever.  If I had ordered it, I would have opened the bag and said, “Release the Kraken!”….next time.

It was so nice to just drive around and see what we see and stop when we want.  I got some cool photos that way, and we got some cherry butter and pie too.

We made one last stop on the way back to the hotel at a store called Pet Expressions a store for pets and their humans.  The ladies were very nice and fawned over Oz and Evie both.  They are also very smart, there are baskets of toys on the ground throughout the store so dogs can select toys they want.  Which is exactly what Oz did, after ensuring the baby was okay when she started to fuss.  He selected a fish toy and brought it to the front to checkout! It was hilarious, so he got his toy and some carob chip cookies.

We ended the day at the hotel with local beers, cheese curds and a taco pizza.  And here’s what I love about Wisconsin, our pizza was already very cheesy and yet they still gave us a side of shredded cheese to add.  Cheese, cheese and more cheese with a side of cheese, that is Wisconsin!

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