Meet the Birthday Boy

It’s hard to believe that a year ago today we were spending Thomas’s birthday in a sun drenched Parisian park, and here we are 365 days later on a completely new adventure.  This the 9th birthday I’ve been able to celebrate with my amazing husband and in between each new birthday is another year of ups and downs, of set backs and accomplishments, of laughter and tears.  I am very lucky to spend each day with this kind, patient, funny, snarkastic man and for those of you not so lucky here are five things about Thomas you probably don’t know.

  1. He has super strength.  It’s true.  He can open a jar of pickles like nobody’s business, carry a stroller/car seat combo up three flights of stairs on his head and bench crazy amounts at the gym.
  2. He gets soy in his coffee drinks, because that’s just how he rolls.
  3. He always orders the enchiladas, always.  He told me once about the time he lived in Manassas and went to this local place and ate nine enchiladas at once.  That’s true enchilada love.
  4. He hasn’t done it in a while but he is a great writer and illustrator.  His doodles will seriously make your doodles feel ashamed of themselves.
  5. He does a remarkably impressive british accent.  I should know, I’m classically trained.  We seriously considered keeping Evie sequestered for the first two years of her life and speaking to her only in a british accent in the hopes that she would, in fact, become british.  Aren’t british children the cutest?

Bonus Fact:  That hot new song you just listened to for the first time?  He already heard know, before it was mainstream.

Happy Birthday, to the most interesting man in my world!

April 17, 2012 - 3:38 pm

Stacey Marie Ferguson - I don’t always celebrate birthdays but when I do I prefer to be Thomas.

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