Easter for Everybody!

Every year Horner Park hosts Doggie Easter and every year we miss it.  I was determined that this year would be the year we finally got there.  Oz hasn’t lost too much attention with the arrival of the baby but I know it’s been an adjustment and I decided he deserved an event just for him.  Luckily Evie’s grandma and aunt were in town so we didn’t have to figure out how to wrangle and a dog and a baby on the bus.  We would have done it though, for Oz.  It was a beautiful day and it was just nice to be outside.  There were over 150 dogs and their families there, it was insane!  They littered the hillside with plastic eggs containing treats and after a countdown we were off.  Some dogs knew exactly what was up and even picked eggs up in their mouths, some dogs were like Oz, they had no clue what was up but were just thrilled to be a part of whatever it was!

Afterward we took part in the Easter Bonnet Parade, I was very proud of the bunny ear bonnet I made for Oz with the help of a hospital baby hat and the dollar section of Target.  He actually won a prize!  Sadly rawhide is a no go for westies, but it’s the glory that counts!

We had really been looking forward to a portrait with the Easter Bunny, but our insider Laurie warned us of the hot mess the wait was so we settled for an outdoor family portrait instead.  I love having friends who are photographers, Laurie and I were able to trade-off photographing each other’s families 🙂

I am sad that Evie didn’t get to meet the Easter Bunny her first Easter, I guess we’ll just have to wait until next year to traumatize her.  We were all pooped after, but a good time was had by all…especially our little ozzykins 🙂

We were all up early the next day to open Easter baskets and go to Mass.  Alex got a basket too, you’re never too old for an Easter basket.

Evie is such a generous baby and gave me her cadbury eggs, she knows they’re mommy’s favorite 🙂  She also got a couple of books that she has no real interest in yet and my old velveteen rabbit that she was very interested in eating!  Nothing cuter than watching a baby nom on her toys.

She’s becoming so much more aware and interested in things.  She woke up at church and the look in her eyes was like she went to sleep at home and woke up in Wonderland!  Stained glass windows, chandeliers, singing — she was in baby heaven!  The adults were in heaven afterward when we discovered Hamburger Mary’s mimosa brunch and no wait at that.  Evie of course slept until the food arrived and then of course she woke up and decided she was hungry too.  I’m getting pretty good at eating one-handed though.  Once we got back home we took some more photos of Evie in her Easter dress.  It was a little big.  My aunt commented such to my mom who said she was sure there’d be another occasion to wear it once it fit and my aunt replied, “Yes, her Junior Prom!”

We had a great Easter weekend, but it was made even better because she got to meet her other grandma and her aunt Alex, I only wish they could have stayed longer and we are all looking forward to our trip to Virginia in June!

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