Deep Thoughts

Its been a month and I’m really enjoying little Evie and have some random thoughts I’ve amassed about parenthood in no particular order:

What once would have disgusted me now actually impresses me

I know everyone says their kid is an advanced genius, but mine really is, like for real

To everyone who said the dog would become “just a dog” that’s just ridiculous.  Not one says when you have a second baby the first will be ” just a kid”.  I think Oz is having more fun now than ever before! He loves his baby and it’s so cute to see how protective he is of her 🙂

I wish I could be a SAHM because I am loving this 2 hour block of Las Vegas that TNT has going on

Babies are awesome, amazing, incredible…..and gross

You’ll think at first that you have too many baby clothes, there is no such thing.  I feel like half of my day is changing Evie’s outfit out of necessity

And on that note I find it slightly insane that by the end of the day Evie has gone through five outfits but I haven’t managed the time to change my pants that have had spit up on them since 6am

Seeing your baby’s eyes widen the first time she sees the ceiling fan turn on is amazing

I am lucky to have a husband who helps out and vice versa, everything is easier when you are a team!

I buy coffee more often now that I’m not working than I ever did going to the office everyday, there is nothing nicer than a family walk to the local coffee shop

If you are a photographer your child will hate having her photo taken…grrrr

I have always been self-conscious about any extra belly fat, I no longer care and it’s so refreshing

My husband never thought he wanted kids, I always thought he’d be an amazing dad — good to know I’m still always right!

The day you need a shower the most is the day you’re not getting one

The thing that surprised me most is that I know Evie.  She’s so new and yet I look at her and I know, it’s like I’ve been waiting just for her specifically and she’s right where she belongs, here with us

You really do appreciate your own mom more, I can’t wait to be there for my child the way she’s there for me

We were already a family, the three of us, but it’s really nice to be a family of four

March 15, 2012 - 3:59 pm

Auntie M - Love Baby E photos! Sooooooo precious!

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