I have definitely reached the nesting phase of this pregnancy and I can’t say I mind it.  I’ve always loved organizing and cleaning.  It ties in to my control issues I suppose.  There’s not a lot I can control right now, but the amount of clutter in my house, that I do have power over!  It’s like a weight off my shoulders to get rid of things we don’t need and to create order with what’s left behind.

I may be going a tad overboard though.  And maybe being the teensiest bit dramatic about it all.  Lucky for me Thomas is more amused than annoyed.  He was down on his hands and knees helping me scrub baseboards and couldn’t stop laughing as I said things like, “Look at all this dirt down here!  This is no way to live!”

The part I’m most excited about is that the sunroom/nursery is slowly coming together.  We’re trying not to overdo it; we live in an apartment after all, so we don’t have a ton of extra space.  Plus I realized most of what you “need” is part of some giant corporate money making scam.  I mean from what I’ve heard the baby spends the first few months crying, eating, pooping and sleeping, how much equipment does that require?  My mom laughed out loud when I explained the concept of “tummy time” and the special mats to go along with it.  Apparently they had that back when I was a baby too.  It was called putting a blanket on the floor and scattering a few toys!

We also want the room to suggest reasonably that a baby is there without screaming it; after all, she’s sharing it with Oz.  It was kind of his space first.  (I’m joking obviously, but I do keep telling Oz I hope he and the baby get along because I’d hate to have to give the baby away.) We got the cushions of our loveseat recovered by the amazing Chic Antique with fabric from the equally fabulous The Needle Shop.  The bookshelf has been cleared to make room for our yard sale baby finds.  The vintage crate we got this summer is perfect for oversized kids’ books and instead of a dresser we’re using a hanging sweater organizer.  We plan to add a crib and a changing table.  We don’t necessarily need the changing table, but it comes with shelves.  Oh precious, precious shelves!   It just makes me happy to go in there and look around.  It’s clean, it’s bright, there’s order and it really makes me feel even more excited about our impending arrival!

Luckily Oz loves the new loveseat cushions!

And yes, that is a book about the Millennium Falcon, our child is destined to be a dork 🙂

November 10, 2011 - 2:46 pm

Tiffany Siok - Bridgy-
You are so adorable! I love the emotion that you write in your perfectly descriptive words. I feel as though we are having a conversation when I read your blog! You will make the best Mommy ever and I am sure that Oz will make a great big brother too.
The room looks fantastic and you have filled it with love.
What more can your little angel ask for – she has it all and perfect parents just waiting for her arrival.
Miss you,
Love and kisses,

December 24, 2011 - 7:33 pm

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