Oz Turns Five

Oz’s official, day-he-was-born-birthday was Monday, even though we didn’t get him until four months later on my birthday.  We have the official papers showing that our little man was born on October 10, 2006.  Our dog has us wrapped around his little paw and we love celebrating his birthday.  I even baked him a special dog cake one year to the dismay of my brother who thought that was ridiculous.  Only ridiculous if you didn’t see the look of amazement and joy on Oz’s little puppy face as he chowed down on a cake just for him!  He was spoiled again this year with pressies and treats.  The last five years have flown by, and I wonder if it’s the same with kids and before I know it I’ll be blogging about sending the yet to be born kid off to school.

But right now it’s all about Oz!  So here are some fun Oz facts:

  • His favorite tv shows are Big Cat Diaries and Sex & the City
  • He steals socks and cleverly places them in his toy basket hoping we won’t notice
  • His favorite words are outside, cheese and squirrel
  • He thinks he’s a hunter – his prey of choice are bugs and fish
  • When given a choice between two Cesar’s for his birthday dinner, he chose the mistakenly puchased Cesar Senior — he really is getting old!

So Happy Birthday to our source of constant amusement!

December 24, 2011 - 7:35 pm

The Hook - What a magnificent canine! No wonder Oz rules the roost!

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