Daddy’s Girl

When I was six I got a super awesome foil wrapped rainbow pencil as my prize from the dentist.  I promptly lost it at school by accidentally dropping it through a grate.  You could see it down there, all shiny and lovely but it was lost just the same.  Of course I was devastated, who wouldn’t be?  I told my dad, and instead of blowing it off like the inconsequential event it actually was or replying with a trite, “You’ll get a new one someday”, he got an old bamboo fishing pole, the kind that looks like a long thin reed, and back we went to the school.  He stuck duct tape (it holds the universe together!) on the end, folded over, lowered the pole and “fished” my pencil back into my world.  It was such a little event in my life, and while I know I was profusely happy at the time, I didn’t think much about it until recently.  If he hadn’t gotten my pencil back I’m sure I would have forgotten all about it by now, and it wouldn’t have mattered much in the long run.  Every time I see a similar pencil now though I have that memory and I know what kind of parent I hope to be.

I do hope I won’t be the kind of parent who goes to great lengths to scare the crap out of my kids at their sleepover though, I still haven’t recovered!  Happy Father’s Day!

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