Roman Holiday

At long last, the account of our trip to Rome.  After three wonderful, yet fairly hectic, days in Paris we were looking forward to a more leisurely pace in Rome, which is exactly what we got.  Our hotel in Roma was  right in the middle of the action so to speak which made it terribly easy to recharge back in the room every once in a while with a glass of wine, while we people watched out the window.  In Paris Thomas refused to attempt any French, he saw how stressful it was for me, the French could be very brusque if you couldn’t immediately respond to what they were saying to you.  No such issues in Italy, they were very welcoming and Thomas freely practiced his Italian by buying wine from a little shop by the hotel and ordering delicious pastas for lunch.  Which gave me a little break and I was able to relax, something that is usually impossible for me.  I’m a bit more tightly wound than I like to admit.

Again, I’m so in love with how charming Europe is, the signs, the streets, the sights.  It wasn’t perfect and there are certainly aspects of American living that I prefer, but there was something so refreshing about the European lifestyle.  Americans just don’t know how to relax and enjoy life as the Europeans do and it’s a shame.  We caught on quickly though, when in Rome and all that…

 It was Holy Week, so the crowds were a bit much, but our pre purchased coliseum tickets meant we skipped the insanely long line and we did our best to stay off the beaten path.  We had very few must sees in mind for Rome and had already decided before arrival to take each day as it was and see where it would take us.  No real objectives, just “que sera sera”, whatever will be, will be!

The weather was beautiful, far warmer than anticipated which meant I just had to buy a light polka dress from a little shop tucked in a corner in an alley.  Rome was full of back streets and alleys to get lost in, which we were happy to do.  Good thing we were happy to because there really wasn’t any choice!  Even with a map we were constantly getting turned around, and when we’d get tired, we sat at a café with cappuccino and dessert.  La dolce vita!

Life just seemed easier in Rome; even getting lost was a pleasure.  The company may have had something to do with it too, this perfect trip was made all the better by being there with Thomas.  I’m so lucky to have married such a wonderful traveling partner!  The only tense moments in Rome came from crossing the street, you’re taking your life into your hands every time and nothing you can do but to walk with purpose and hope for the best.  My best piece of advice for Rome is this, if you see a set of steps, go up them.  Every time we did it was amazing – we discovered a gorgeous hidden away church and an orange grove in full bloom decorated with ancient statues overlooking the streets below.   We both tossed coin our in the Fontana di Trevi and didn’t look back, so Roma, we will return!

The Colisseo, right around the corner from our hotel!

The Castel San Angel, Thomas had an amusing account of how he infiltrated this fortress in Assassins Creed.

This is how alleyways should look!

The churches were all so beautiful, we lit candles for loved ones, a tradition I’ve always loved.  The real candles were lovely, much better than the electric ones I’ve seen in some American churches.

Our secret orange grove, it smelled heavenly and we had it all to ourselves.

Our mid afternoon glass of wine

How European looking are we?!

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