Pomp and Circumstance

Life has been measured in accomplishments around my house lately — March – I ran a marathon, April – the dog learned how to catch treats tossed in the air, May – my husband Thomas graduated with highest honors from Truman College.  The ceremony itself was a hot mess, I’m talking a million degrees hot of a mess — it took an hour for the graduates to process, they were not called alphabetically and the name my husband walked across the stage to was not his own.  And in the end, none of it mattered because I was surrounded by family who had traveled to be here for this moment that he worked so hard for these last three years.  I was so proud to see him walk  across that stage, and the smile on his face said that he was proud of himself too.  As well he should be, he doesn’t always believe in himself like he should, but I think his success and accomplishments speak for themselves and he better not have any more doubts about what he can achieve, because he can do whatever he wants to and excel at it. 

I was thrilled for the excuse to put my fine art photography to the side for a day and focus on portraits, which I love doing!  It’s especially rewarding to take a subject like my darling husband who hates having his photo taken and get him to relax and come to life on camera.  We took advantage of the warm weather in Chicago (where did you go? Please come back!) and went to Millennium Park and got some gorgeous shots in the gardens.

I love this shot, the empty path in the back that just disappears, as if to say, “It’s all open before you baby, the road is yours!”


For some reason graduation was on a Wednesday night, so we really appreciate the family that were able to be there to celebrate with us, and what a great looking bunch!

Seriously, Thomas may hate the camera, but it loves him!  How cute is he?  It’s like his own personal J Crew ad!


 I’m really loving this one.  The Bean may be a little Chicago cliche, and a little overdone, but I love the curve and the reflection of the buildings – it’s almost Inception like, and the way Thomas is standing in front of it, like “Yeah, this is my town!”  That’s right, own it! 🙂


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