Red Eye Photo Contest — Circles



 Yay!  I am featured on the Red Eye Chicago website with another honorable mention — see it here, #2, also check out #9 belonging to my pal Dom Garcia!  I think the most difficult aspect of this contest is choosing the photo.  When looking at the theme you have to ask yourself if you want to be literal, or get more creative with it.  I chose the photo above because I love it, it is a circle (noun), but it also circles (verb), and could be described as circular (adjective).  I picked it because I love it, but also because I had a few others I was considering and I knew I just had to make a decision and stick with it.  I have second guessed myself in the past (it’s kind of thing with me, regrets over silly things will be what causes all my wrinkles!) — thinking something else would have been better.  There’s really no room for second guessing in photography though — it’s all about confidence really.  It’s that confidence that enables you to keep going, to keep trying, and it’s confidence that people want to see when booking you.  They want to feel comfortable knowing that  can relax because they have a photographer who knows what they are doing and are comfortable doing it.

Here are the other photos I was considering though — what would you have gone with?





April 14, 2011 - 3:05 pm

Chelsea - Well after viewing the other runner ups you know someone did lanterns and light circles and ferris wheel yours are great but I think now knowing what others did I would have gone with the Swings or M&M’s. Your lanterns are floating on air and your light circles are cool but I feel like those are a given. Your swing set, ferris wheel and M&M’s maybe not so much. I like your pictures though.

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