RedEye Photo Contest — Travel & Autism Speaks

How apt to have this week’s theme be travel as travel is what I have on the brain lately!  I just got back from traveling to Ohio to help my family surprised my grandparents for their 80th birthdays and had an amazing weekend, and now that I’m back I’m looking forward to my upcoming European travels!  For the contest though I submitted a photo that represents the travel I do everyday, the el that I take for granted, the stinky, crazy town, late el that gets me to where I need to go with relative ease and leaves my hands free so I can catch up on reading and try to get three stars in every level of Angry Birds.  My photo “Homeward Bound” was number 3 for Honorable Mentions in the weeks contest, check it out here — I’m starting to feel mighty at home on the RedEye Website 🙂

Speaking of travel, a friend of mine and former VCU chum is fresh off a European Tour of her own and is currently in the running to win a trip to Greece.  You can help her out by casting your vote for The Kevin Bacon Bus.  If they win they are pledging to donate $1500 to Autism Speaks, which is an amazing cause, that is nearer to my own heart than I would have thought.   This costs you nothing, all you have to do is click once, vote and then pass it on to your friends.  They need 1000 votes in the next 16 hours, so in the spirit of Kevin Bacon put your six degrees of separation to work!  Cesca has even upped the ante with a promise to shave her head as well.  Determination like that should not go unrewarded my friends.  You know you want on this train!  Annnnnd, if they win you will be able to see the video of said head shaving right here!  I will then be accepting sunscreen donations so poor Cesca doesn’t get her pate sunburned on the beaches of Greece 🙂


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