RedEye Photo Contest — Funny

Ok, I admit it, I kind of phoned it in for this weeks challenge.  I’ve been feeling out of sorts, fighting off a cold, tired all the time, feeling like I have a hundred million things to catch up on and no time.  Our Europe trip seemed so far off and now it’s just around the corner and made super official by the delivery of travel docs, yay!  Which is awesome, but now I’m in super cranky planning monster mode, RAWR!  It will all be worth it though when I’m sitting in a sidewalk cafe sipping delicious strong coffee with my favorite person in the whole world.

I did submit a photo and it did make the website gallery of finalists, see #4 here.  When we were in Victoria, BC on our Alaskan cruise last May we were trying to decide on beers for our flight, and some kind soul had the foresight to help other weary travelers like ourselves with the decision-making process.  It ended being our favorite beer there too, I still drool over the coaster, so thank you anonymous fellow traveler and beer lover!

Side Note:  I don’t think the contest winner is being published in the RedEye anymore which makes me sad.  I’m all about technology, but I still really love the tangibility of the actual newspaper.  I know the Internet is forever, but the paper just seems more  real.  Am I right? You can’t frame an internet page and I feel like any viewing of website is retained in my brain in a sort of offhand way, but things I see in print stay with me in a permanent way.

Anyway, Stay thirsty my friends 🙂 


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