Redeye Photo Contest — Bright

So, I entered this photo contest with my photo from my previous post Expect the Unexpected, so I don’t want to reblog it.  However, if you would like to see it again, it was chosen as a finalist for this weeks contest, It’s number 9.

I titled it “Here Comes the Sun” which is a bit of an inside joke.  When I was finalizing my marathon playlist this weekend, I synced to my shuffle and then tried to show my mom how you can switch songs using the button on the headphones.  I kept just getting the first few bars of “Here Comes the Sun” and realized that was the only song that had synced!   There were many jokes about how horrible it would have been if I’d only discovered the error during the marathon!  They would have had to haul me off in a straight jacket while I rocked back and forth humming to myself the only song I’d been listening to for five hours straight 🙂  I do have a marathon post coming, I’m just trying to get my thoughts together, I have a lot of them regarding that day!

I didn’t want to not have a photo to post though, so imagine my delight when I walked outside this morning and saw this?

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