Grandma Cookies

This post is about our actual favoritest thing about Christmas EVAR!!!!  Each year my grandma sends me a batch of cookies that have been my favorite since childhood.  I don’t even know how to describe them, it is soft sugary deliciousness coated in crushed pecans topped with creamy day glo icing that melt in your mouth.  Round these parts we just refer to them as Grandma Cookies.  As in I texted my husband when they arrived, “Gma Cookies!” , and received the response, “Yes!!!”  These things are serious people, I can’t even explain.  My grandmother in some ways is reminiscent of the typical fifties housewife, she served three meals a day, dinner included a meat, a starch, a veggie and jell-o.  She bakes from scratch and is an honest, lawful, church going woman, but she must be putting narcotics in these cookies, and there can be no other explanation!

Here’s the chain of events, I get home see the tell tale box with a perishable sticker on it and think to myself as I ascend the stairs, “Perishable?  Perishable in my mouth!”  Then I open the box, I swear just to take out the tin and look at them and before I even realize what has happened there is cookie in my mouth!  I asked Thomas the next day if he’d had any cookies when he got home from work that night and he responded ashamed, “I’ve had four…they’re just so good!”  And then after an in depth conversation about these cookies and how amazing they were he had to get off the phone to go have another!  People, these cookies are the answer; all the worlds’ wars and strife could be solved with these confectionary creations.

And there you go, that must be the secret ingredient – Love.  Love and maybe a little crack 🙂

December 24, 2010 - 12:11 am

laurie - WANT. My step-mom sends us a big box of goodies each year and I am going to have to put some in the freezer so we stop eating them!

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