Santa Claws

We’ve made it a bit of a tradition the past few years to take Oz to see Santa.  It’s more for us than him obviously, but we’ve been lucky enough to get some adorable photos, a pup tired out from excitement and activity, and he usually gets a new toy or treat out of it.  Win-Win!  We were really spoiled the last two years though, I’m talking Santas with real full white beards, jolly dispositions, and twinkling blue eyes.  Not this year!  Now, I will say this, the money spent goes to a good cause and we got a funny story out of it, but were really disappointed with this years photo.  The photographer was all over the place and the photos we ended up getting were vertical, not a good match for the horizontal frame that came with it!  And Santa, oh Santa. 

 They advertised it as pet pictures with Santa Claws, which sounds a little frightening, and this Santa was!  Well, not really, but the photo certainly is unnerving.  The low angle makes him look larger than life, combined with slightly wild eyes and black leather gloves that make Oz seem like he’s being strangled!  Just a mess.  And yes, in the grand scheme of life a bad picture is not a big deal, but we were a little sad about our crazy OJ santa picture.  However, thanks to our apparel from the Santa Hustle 5K we were able to stage our own photos with Santa at home.  Below is the original and our  redo, much better!   We’ll definitely take him to see Santa again next year, it really is always for a great cause, but it’s nice to know we have a backup solution!


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