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I went through a period where Christmas wasn’t that big a deal and just didn’t hold the excitement for me that it used to.  Ever since we got married though we’ve been forming our own traditions each year and now I really look forward to decorating, playing Christmas music (new favorite song “Toy Jackpot” from the Target commercial which you can download free at, and baking (pumpkin bread, I finally admitted defeat when it comes to cookie making!)  So here are a few of the things that really make me exited for the Christmas holiday!


Our Christmas tree is the best Christmas tree ever.  It is fake and has seen better days, it’s definitely a little on the Charlie Brown side now, but once it’s decorated it really comes to life.  Thomas & I are lucky enough to do some traveling and we decided that the best souvenir to get in each new place would be an ornament for the tree.  So every year when we unpack and hang each ornament it’s a reminder of all the wonderful places we’ve been and really brings back great memories.  This year we added ornaments from Seattle, Alaska, and the Bahamas.


Growing up our Angel was this paper cone Angel that I believe was free at a department store, and it was what my parents used for their first Christmas together and have used every year since.  I always loved the simplicity of that.  So I asked Thomas, who’s quite an artist, to make us a paper angel.  I handed him a sharpie and a piece of poster board and left the rest up to him.  I love it, I love that he thought outside the box and made it a male angel, it just blew me away, it would never have occurred to me to do that, and I’m proud to have this top our tree each year.




We did find a way to make our tree a bit more authentic thanks to an episode of The Office.  Pine Tree Air Freshener 🙂


We took a Caribbean cruise for our honeymoon, and as we walked through Cozumel I stopped at a window and said, “I just saw something that I need.”  It was this fantastic hand painted Nativity set.  I love the too big smiles on the animals, it’s creepy and primitive and fantastic!  The grumpy pig is a later addition picked up in San Antonio, but it works.  It’s different, a totally us and I feel happy every time I see it (it’s actually displayed year round!)

These are definitely the highlights!  I’ve saved the best for last though, though introduction necessary for the best thing about Christmas…..

What are your favorite things about the holiday?


December 20, 2010 - 11:10 am

Tori - You are either up very late or very early to write this – love it – and the tree and your traditions – hope Katie & Wills tradition doesn’t turn out to be him being deployed!!

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