Awkward Family Photos

Last night we took our family Christmas photo for our card.  We ended up with one I’m really excited about, I do wish I’d framed it a little more evenly (I have got to get a remote, it was time consuming running back and forth and we messed up our original positioning just slightly), but as Thomas pointed out we have come a long way from balancing the point and shoot on a stack of books!    I did suggest we retake it after I’d already declared us done but I got murderous looks from both my husband and the dog.

The result is definitley worth the process, but it was a little frustrating, I was frustrated that I was having major problems getting the lighting just right (still learning my flash), Thomas was frustrated that I kept making him “stand, no sit, no get those chairs in here, no move those chairs out again”, and Oz was frustrated that we made him wear reindeer antlers and puppy parka.  I’ll have to post one of the outakes where he looks like the grumpiest, most miserable dog ever.  Seriously, he’s lucky his worst problem in life is having to wear antlers for 15 min, have you seen the sad Sarah Maclachlan ASPCA ads? Oz was easily cheered up with some peanut butter though.  I’m waiting to post the actual photo on Christmas Day, but in the meantime here’s a photo of Oz in all his Christmas-y glory! 

December 6, 2010 - 5:24 pm

Jess - AWWW, Great photo! Due mainly to the reasons you outlined above… although I do have a remote, I think we have decided to send out standard boxed cards…yawn. Maybe next year.

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