Gamer Chick

Once in a Gamestop I was declared “Video game chick of the year” after I was able to name all the girls from Dead or Alive: Beach Volleyball (My favorite game ever!).  Another time in a different Gamestop I was offered a job when they overheard me telling a friend I had bumped into what games he should and should not buy and why.  For some reason if you are a girl and you play video games you are automatically awesome.  If you are a guy and you are dating a girl who plays video games, then you are awesome.  I’m pretty sure that my video game playing was a factor in my husband falling for me and it was one of the first things we bonded over.

In fact I bought my own Xbox when Fable I came out because I knew I wouldn’t be playing anytime soon on Thomas’s Xbox.  Seriously, for three days we were playing the exact same game in separate rooms shouting to each other things like “Did you get to the Balverines yet?”  “Holy crap, I just got the best sword!”  “Can you grab me another beer?” It sounds weird, but it was great.  Since then we’ve moved to a different state, consolidated to one Xbox 360, gotten married and played Fable II.  Now we have Fable III and imagine our delight when we discovered you could play together.  My husband called me at work to tell me and ask, “Would you marry me in Fable III?”

Tuesdays are always our best night of the week, it’s the first we’ve really seen of each other since Sun morning, we get caught up on Dexter and last night we got married…again.  I asked him in front of the Demon Door in Mistpeak Valley, he  accepted, we had a lovely bridge ceremony in Bowerstone where we also now have a lovely home that I plan  to redecorate.  We’re looking at a bright and happy future.  And then my real husband said about our virtual world, “And we can have kids too, it’ll be awesome!”  Whoah, slow down there buddy, let’s just enjoy the honeymoon first 🙂

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