Verrry interesting assignment in class last night, take a photograph that doesn’t look like a photograph.  Now, I love taking pictures of people, especially my family, and I really think that portraits and weddings are the bread and butter of the photographic world.  I really love taking photographs though that make people think, that ae a little more unusual and that you can’t take at face value.    Although I do think that can be done with portraits as well, and I look forward to that little challenge.

For the assignment we were split in to teams and set off on our mission, on a whim I grabbed an umbrella leaning by the door that featured Klimts “The Kiss”, and it ended up being perfect!  Everyone in the group using low light and motion blur was able to create their own unique image through angle, both of their position in taking the photo and part of the umbrella they were focusing on.  I just loved that we were able to take a common idea and object and completely make it our own, four individual photos that represented us each as an artist but formed a cohesive theme. 

I don’t know, it just really makes  me happy to have the opportunity to be creative and think out of the box a little bit and to have such a tangible reward for my efforts.

September 24, 2010 - 1:02 pm

Chelsea Place - I think I’m getting the spins lookin at these photos 😛 They are very well done I like them almost looks like you can make out objects in the umbrella but idk that that’s possible lol. Very vibrannt i love the 2nd one reminds me of paint on a potters wheel or whatever that thing is that you put paint on paper and let it spin! haha

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