Blue Steel

My husband HAAAAAAAAATES having his photo taken, he grimaces at the camera and eyes it cautiously as if instead of creating a memory in time it is going to suck his soul out and punch him in the face. 

This is a problem for me, I’m a photographer.  I love taking pictures, I love taking pictures of what I love, and I love HIM!  Since I needed a subject for a class assignment I nominated him, A) because it was going to be the most easily scheduled option and B) I saw it as a personal victory I needed to achieve, to get him relaxed in front of the camera to prove to myself I have the ability to draw great photos out of the most unwilling subjects.

It wasn’t easy, there were some tense moments, but with the combo of a lot of praise (all of it deserved, he was looking great!), some new communication methods and a little explanation of why I was asking him to do what I was, and some good old-fashioned bribes (gummy bears, pot roast and fresh apple pie anyone?) I got what I needed!

I’m hoping we broke some barriers and that now that he’s discovered his inner blue steel he won’t be so wary of the camera.  He shouldn’t be, this man is hot, check it out! 




PS. I’m a bit of a LOST freak and I LOVE this last photo, very Sawyer-esque 🙂

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