Dog Days

Every Labor Day we travel to my uncle’s farm in Ohio and have a sort of mini family reunion with everyone that is able to make it.  Everything about it is great, there’s beer, a plethora of food, lawn games, fishing, ATV’s, there is no lack of things to do.  My parents bring their two pups Scout & Leo, we bring Oz, my aunt brings Misty and Nikita the farm dog rounds out the bunch.  It’s great to see all of those dogs running free.

Oz in particular is definitley a house dog who enjoys the perks of napping on soft couches, having a basket of toys and the general run of the place, but he sure does love slumming it as a farm dog where he gets to swim in the lake, roll in the grass, and run through the mud.  he always comes out of it smelling suspect and looking like a holy terror, but man does he have the biggest puppy grin on his face!

Leo is Oz’s partner in crime when it comes to fishing.  They wait patiently for someone to catch a fish, scanning the water like they might jump in after one if they got a chance.  All the fish that are caught go right back in after probably being traumatized for life, the dogs are allowed to get a couple licks in first!

Scout is 12 years old and would probably be better off resting in the shade, instead he tears off after the ATV and Go Kart howling and yelling in a hysterical frenzy until he gets what he wants: a ride.  He is a dog on a mission, to be on those vehicles anytime they are in operation, even if it means his naps are more like guard duty!

September 24, 2010 - 1:03 pm

Chelsea Place - Aww where can I see all your photos? I love the farm and the photos soooo awesome!!!!!

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