The Hangover

I had the great opportunity to take a Detachable Flash class with Shane Morgan, a very successful commercial photographer in Chicago and just a great source of knowledge for things photographical and technological. In fact, I have him to blame for my new Mac Book Pro, but what a great decision that was!  I am a PC no more, I had no idea is was possible to feel anything but frustration and anger toward a computer.  I am a total Mac fangirl now, once you go Mac you never go back!  I am so glad I attended this class, despite my Saturday hangover, nothing a Starbucks breakfast sandwich and gallons of water couldn’t fix!

The basis of the class was using the flash off camera by setting it up on a stand with an umbrella to bounce the light back evenly onto the subject from the side, rather than harshly straight on.  Brilliant, I am in love with this concept, especially since it involves the use of pocket wizards.  Pocket Wizards are this nifty lil device that you attach to the camera and the light and the “talk” to each other.  You click the shutter with the pocket wizard on your camera and the light goes off at the same time, so so cool.  Me likey, me wanty

I really felt like I learned so much in this class, not only about using a flash and all that comes with that, but about the business side as well.  I find it all fascinating and am eating it all up as I slowly ease myself into this and work on getting myself to a real jumping off point.  It felt fantastic to be able to ask questions and get answers, so often it seems that other photographers don’t really want to give up their “secrets”.  But come on, I am not a threat to this man’s livelihood and I’m glad to have gotten a chance to pick the brain of someone with so much experience.
The culmination of the weekend was putting into practice everything that we’d learned.  We each chose a spot in the building and set up our own photo shoot.  There is an incredible rush at coming up with a concept, setting up the lighting and have it all turn out exactly as you’d pictured it in your head, it’s an amazing feeling of “I did that!”  My location was the creepy old soda machine on the fourth floor, I used blue gel over the flash to make the light cooler (temperature wise and style wise) and had an amazing model (Thank you Alaina!).  I chose a lower perspective to get the dingy wood floor and the ladders in the background in for some interesting texture.  I was going for a rough night feel, a little edgy, a little gritty and slightly paparazzi-ish.  Lindsay Lohan, you are an inspiration to us all!  And voila, the results!
June 21, 2010 - 2:52 pm

Pamela - Sounding like a pro! Good stuff here:)

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