Dancer in the Dark

I was fortunate enough to be invited by DeAwna, a friend of mine and very talented photographer to take part in a photoshoot she was setting up in the studio.  She, myself and the equally talented Alaina were able to photograph the amazing Lauren, a Dancer and Pilates Instructor.  Lauren had already been there for hours when I arrived but she was tireless and fearless, up for anything (even dancing with a rubber chicken!) and had great creative instincts.  It was great to be in a room with two other photographers, able to play off each others ideas, offer suggestions and see how someone else worked.  To simply observe was a learning experience in and of itself.  I am glad I got to shoot though, once I started watching my fingers were just itching to get their hands on a camera and start clicking away!  There is something truly satisfying about shooting in a studio with the lights preset, there is nothing to worry about except the composition of the shot.  You are able to truly focus on the subject and what you want the photograph to look like.  I do need to trust myself more, and be confident in my choices and clear about what I’m looking for. For the most part though —  too easy, drill sargeant, too easy!
December 29, 2011 - 3:28 am

andreatobars - Love this and all your blog, its really awesome!

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