I took these photos all in a row and I love how they unintentionally tell a little story, it makes me smile every time I look at these photos in sequence. That is the point anyway right, to tell a story through photos, to bring out emotions and preserve memories, to show things as they were, as you saw them in that moment. My current emotional state however, can best be described as burnt out! I think I’ve been starting to stress out about taking photos and I’m forgetting to enjoy it. So no more worries, and to modify a quote from my favorite TV Show, “Whatever happens, happens!” Back to having fun for me!
Imz gunna eatz u!


Only kiddin, Imz gunna lickz u!

April 8, 2010 - 8:47 pm

placecm - lolz…I assume he's yawning in the first one or just chilling but you caught the right angle to make me want to say NOOOO NOT THOMAS'S NOSE!!! and then you said OZ! and he was like sayyyy whAAAt?!? and then he licked Thomas's nose cuz that's what he do! Very good sequence I love it!!! Most adorable puppy ever!!! Next to Scout and Leo that is haha.

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